Homes for Sudan: Our Mission

Homes for Sudan’s mission is to teach a simple fireproof building method to the IDPs so they can rebuild their burned villages. HS4S aims to build capacity and sustainability by working through local NGOs and universities. HS4S’s secondary mission is to pioneer the full development of a prototype community with progressive farming methods, small businesses, education, health care, technical training, and post trauma counseling by engaging partner organizations with expertise in these areas.

Some see the earth beneath their feet. We see 90% of the materials needed to build a home.
So just imagine what we could do with your donation.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Kids Otash Camp

A New Life for Displaced Families

Peace building is a long process in a country that has endured civil war for more than fifty years.  Homes made of the earth are foundations of peace and security for the internally displaced people and for refugees coming from South Sudan and other war torn areas like Syria and Yemen.  Concurrent technical training can provide viable trades for rehabilitation and development – forming trust relationships and bonds among peoples. Our joint efforts will build a brighter future for the children.

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